Press - Fanny Lavoie

What’s the story behind French Fiasco?
Originally called My Summer Crown, the company came about while I was living in Mexico. Noticing a big trend with flower crowns, I decided to hand make one for myself and wore it around. Soon my family and friends started to ask for their own floral crowns, so I hand crafted each of their crowns. 
As soon as I returned to Quebec, I opened an Etsy account. Noticing that as most trends the "flower crown" fad was ending, I decided that I needed to jump right into the next big trend: Chokers. And things just grew from there! I slowly started to add handmade earrings and other accessories. Which finally lead to rebranding "My Summer Crown" into my beloved "French Fiasco".
Why did you want to start your own company? 
I wanted to be able to choose how I spent my days. The flexibility of working from home and choosing where and how much time I spend on certain things was key for me. Mother and step-mother of 3 beautiful toddlers, I needed to be able to make my own schedule. Always a businesswoman at heart, I have a background in event planning and have had a lot of experience working with other entrepreneurs. Fashion is something that’s very innate for me and I’ve always loved styling people and helping them find the perfect piece. Creating my company was just something I had no choice but to do, it was a natural transition for me. I wanted to be able to create something I really cared about and be passionate about it!
What do accessories represent for you? 
I think they add a nice touch of femininity and can truly transform a simple outfit. I think accessories, jewelry in particular, is sexy, feminine and simply beautiful. The perfect touch to complete a look.
What is French Fiasco’s mission?
It is our mission to have women embrace their trendy, sexy & chic side.
Our goal is to bring you the latest trends in fashion accessories so you can glam yourself during the day with a statement piece over a simple white-tee, or  live your diva fantasy at night. 
What makes French Fiasco unique?
We have two very distinct styles amongst our accessories. We pride ourselves with our creativity and our sophisticated pieces that you won't find anywhere else.
We have our more minimalist pieces for day to day wear, delicate necklaces or stud earrings that are easy to style. On the other end, we have our more glam pieces. Sensual chokers with lots of crystals for your nights out or for bolder outfits. We try to have a nice mix of both styles so you can easily transition between them.
How did the collaboration with La Petite Robe Noire come about?
It started when I met Mélodie, the co-founder of La Petite Robe Noire. We met about two and a half years ago and got pregnant at the same time. It really clicked between us and we became fast friends. The collaboration was born because she offered to have my showroom in her store. They were renting outfits for galas, proms and parties but needed the accessories to go with those. It’s the perfect combination.
Where do you see French Fiasco in five years?
My long-term goal is to have a boutique in Montreal. I also want to sell worldwide and be in lots of shops, do some wholesale but my ultimate goal right now is to have our very own boutique.