Spring has finally started making its appearance in our life after a long and gruelling winter so we thought it would be the perfect occasion to list off a couple of our favourite accessory trends for the spring! Inspired by the catwalks of fashion week SS18, these are a few of many. 

Animal Kingdom

We saw animal inspired accessories all over the runway going from Chloe with thick beast necklaces to Bottega Veneta with gorgeous butterflies. We love this trend and have our very own animal inspired pieces at French Fiasco. You’ll find them in our gold elephant necklace (pictured above) or our mystical unicorn necklace.

Layer, player

Now, we’ve mentioned our love for layering already in previous blogs and it was the biggest trend at Coachella this year. Layering is a fun way to create a statement piece and a focal point on an outfit. What’s great is that you can either use Jewelry you already have to create a layered look or you can purchase an already made layered piece like the Billie Cart or the Grenache layering.

I wear my sunglasses at night

You know the ones, the sunglasses you’ve seen all over instagram on models and celebrities. Gigi Hadid’s worn them, Selena Gomez’s worn them and now, you can wear them. We are obsessed with this look and love them so much we have them in two different colour. You can go bold with the red ones or more classic with the black ones but whatever you choose, you’ll look great no matter what. 

Tropical daydream

Seashells, palm leaves and the smell of coconut sunscreen. We absolutely adore the tropical trend as it reminds us of vacation and who doesn’t love sunny destinations. This spring, it’s all about big bold seashell necklaces and shiny palm leaves worn as earrings or bracelets. Our absolute favourite are our botanical earrings which are sure to make you feel like you’re in Maui.

The perfect mismatch

A big trend this spring is mismatched earrings that complement each other. This trend is fun and gives any outfit some extra personality. Whether you wanna keep it simple and go for a classy mismatched hoop like our Riesling earrings or go all out and rock it with our Moonstar earrings, the only rule to this trend is to be confident.

Go bold or go home

This season, we’re all for bold statements and fun colourful pieces. Whether you go for a big sparkly piece like the lallier choker or something bright like the margarita earrings, the name of the game for spring is to just go all out. Don’t be afraid to play up your outfits and feel confident.

Splashes of colour

This spring, it’s all about colour. Whether you want to spruce up an all black look or colour coordinate your jewelry with your outfits, we’ve got you covered. A perfect way to bring in colour into your look is with fun tassel earrings like these or with a bold coloured fringe earring like the margarita earrings.

Stack it up

Stacking bracelets is probably one of our favourite trend of the season. We love the fact that we get to showcase multiple of our best accessories at the same time. What’s fun with stacking is you can mix and match pieces that you already own with newer bracelets and complete your look. If you’re looking for the perfect stackable bracelets, head on over to our website we’ve got you covered.

We’d love to hear what your favourite spring trend is so join in the conversation by using #FFGIRLGANG on instagram and talk to us!