The French Fiasco Girl Gang is for all girls who want to feel confident and embrace their sexy side. We are hard workers, risk takers and rule breakers. We have drive and are unafraid to go after what we want. The French Fiasco Girl Gang is inclusive to all and focuses on building self-confidence as well as bringing out every woman’s sultry, desirable personality . 

We combine two very distinct styles amongst our accessories. Along with the makeover of our website, we've decided to split those two styles into two categories. Good girls and Bad girls. Each and every one of our customer is different, which is why it's possible that you may find yourself in both of those categories depending on your mood or style. For example, our founder Fanny finds herself more on the good girl side with her elegant looks and neutral palette but she also has a little bit of bad girl in her when she goes out with her girls! The complete opposite of Ariane, our content creator, who is definitely more on the bad girl side. Unafraid to take fashion risks, she is loud and prefers the pieces in this category.

You will notice that a lot of our accessories work for both sides and depend on how you'll style them. The choice is yours. 



  • Sophisticated and elegant
  • Stylish and delicate
  • Sexy, minimalistic and fashionable
  • Prones neutral colours and tailored pieces
  • Easy to wear jewelry


  • Loud and confident
  • Wild and unafraid of making bold style choices
  • Colourful and mixed patterns
  • Prones bright colours and fun textures
  • Statement pieces


If you want to be a part of a community of ladies who aren’t scared of speaking up and standing up for one another, start posting with the hashtag #FFGirlGang and join the conversation. Don't forget to join our newsletter to stay up to date with our blogs, sales and first looks!